Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lost in my head

I'm lost inside my own head…and I can't find my way out.


I started off -a thinking one day

ruminating, pondering

meditating and pontificating

I neglected to remember the thinking map

to guide me on my way

a few thoughts in, I looked around

and nothing seemed just right

it was indeed quite different than how it looked last night

and where ARE those damn breadcrumbs I brought

and scattered on the ground?

and then appeared a little troll, picking up the pace

short and green and covered in dirt

wearing pants but clearly no shirt

that beast! his mouth was full of crumbs

and a guilty look upon his face

So here I am, inside my head

I walk in circles, doubling back

my thoughts upon me like a heavy pack

I might emerge tomorrow, with something smart to say

but if I don't, it is because the thoughts indeed are dead.

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