Monday, May 14, 2007

Do you know me?

Do you see me?
My skin is dark and rough with dirt
Do you see me?
My clothes are torn
Do you see me?
My skirt's too short, my neckline too low

Do you smell me?
I reek of body odor
Do you smell me?
I tried to cover it up with cheap perfume
Do you smell me?
I tried to find lunch in the dumpster

Do you hear me?
My voice is coarse
Do you hear me?
My language is foul
Do you hear me?
I lure my customers with perverted words

I'm trying to hide from you
I don't want to get you dirty
You intimidate me
You sound pious
You look pure
You scare me

Are you judging me?
Are you ignoring me?
Could you love me?
Could you help me?
Will you forget me?
Will you scorn me?

Why am I here?
Why are you here?
Is your bubble comfortable?
Are your white linens white enough?
Is your world pure enough?
Why are you here?


David said...


Michael said...

That's awesome..

IZenBet said...

are these "battles" you write of mental, physical and spirtual? or reflections? or experiences?

Makeesha said...

all of the above I suppose izenbet. David and I have experience in the "church world" both as insiders and outsiders but our writings are reflections of lots of different experiences and observations