Monday, May 07, 2007

Beyond These Shores

it was a room
banners of peace and welcome hung on the white-washed walls
the clock was two and a half hours behind
plastic tables and chairs cluttered the floor and stored against the wall
eclectic bulletin boards
soda, coffee, a rose
blue stained carpet
eight of us
two of them children
eight of us desiring to change the world
a ship of eight

a ship of fools

May the Holy Spirit blow our sails
May He determine our course
Though the water be rough
Though storms arise
May we not falter
May we not turn back
For what has been explored and dissected and understood is behind us

But like Saint Brendan
You beckon us to the open sea
Dangers and dragons await
But you have been before
And you are present
You always will be
So we sail into the great expanse
Into the great unknown

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